Friday, January 1, 2010

My Japanese copy of Bayonetta finally arrived about a week ago, courtesy of I already gave my impressions of the demo that hit the PSN a couple of weeks ago, so you probably know how I feel about Bayonetta at this point. Reviewers out there like to give you a run down of the rather mundane aspects of the game, but they'll never personally go in-depth with Bayonetta as I have in the last week. Combat in Bayonetta is much like Devil May Cry in that it's very deep, yet simple and very dynamic. In fact, I have planned a combo video (yes, I can do more than play fighting games, fellas) for Bayonetta. Currently, the videos I have been working on are for uncovering the secret weapons, and also the locations of all the necessities.

The videos should be ready hopefully by tomorrow, but it will definitely be done by Sunday. As for the combo video, I haven't recorded a lick of it. Ideally, I'd like to do one as soon as possible to attempt to raise more interest in this game. However, I really want to finish up the Tekken 6 tutorials I've been promising first. The holidays have freed up my time enough that videos have kept a steady pace, so a tutorial shouldn't be too unreasonable.

I know, I said I'd give my impressions of End of Eternity, but it will have to wait until the previously mentioned projects are complete. As for Dante's Inferno well, it really was leaving little to be desired. The plot seems interesting, but who isn't thinking that it just seems like a God of War clone? Beyond that, combat is just too shallow for my tastes, and the Devil May Cry series has me spoiled. Personally, I believe that if a game wants to just walk me through a cinematic story, then I'd rather spend $8.50 on a movie than waste $60 on a 12-15 hour single player campaign. That's not to say Dante's Inferno has nothing to offer, but so far that's the impression it's left me with. A full game could definitely change my mind, so I'll reserve my final judgment until then.


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