Thursday, December 17, 2009

It comes as no surprise (to me anyway) that Capcom has announced it's bringing Megaman 10 to PSN with a TBA released date. If I had to wager a guess though, I'd bet that Megaman 10 will hit PSN sometime in February or March. Something fans should appreciate is the addition of "Easy Mode" which will allow novice Megaman fans to finally complete a Megaman game. If you want to see more screens and the official trailer, head to Capcom's Official Megaman 10 site. If you ask me though, I'd really like to see the game in 16 or 32 bit form. However, my convictions of 8 bit graphics aren't strong enough to keep me away from a classic Megaman title.


Every Final Fantasy fan out there has a personal favorite, and mine (yes FF7 is right there with it) is Final Fantasy 8. Having kept up with the Japanese Playstation Store, it doesn't really surprise me that FF8 will eventually hit PSN. Details on the release date are presently unknown, but hopefully it's soon. Newcomers to Final Fantasy shouldn't shy away from this one, if they felt FF7's graphics weren't commendable.


Somehow I let these images slip by me, because I just discovered them today. What new Capcom fighting game is complete without a new set of stages to fight on? Below are some images taken from Capcom's official U.S. site. More updates as I get them. Enjoy the screenshots for now. Man I'm stoked for this game!


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