Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hopefully, you've found my slew of Bayonetta videos helpful from my youtube channel. There is still 1 video that needs to be produced, however. A simple video(s) that covers all the Broken Witch Heart and Moon Pearl locations. Speaking of Bayonetta videos, the combo video is on hold until I get my hands on that elusive HD capture card I'm always talking about. It sounds simple, but it required me to get myself an upgraded PC to use the hardware. Thankfully, in the previous weeks I've purchased the necessary parts for this. This also means that I have a much better workhorse for video production - my laptop just isn't sufficient for heavy tasks.

Align LeftStar Ocean: The Last Hope International is due next month, and I hope I can bring some videos for it.

Star Ocean for PS3 is finally arriving on February 9th, and it's one of the many great games that will be arriving in 2010. The Star Ocean series is known for having plenty of extras to boast replay value, so finding some content to make of it shouldn't be a problem. Presently though, with my trusty new PC, I now have access to a flash editor that I will be experimenting with to maybe bring a guide. I'll try to keep my blog up to date with the status of that. For a guinea pig, I might experiment with Demon's Souls to see how a flash guide turns out.

White Knight Chronicles is also due next month; I'll have my hands full.

While I'm not sure how deep White Knight Chronicles will be gameplay-wise, it's definitely a solid RPG that I could squeeze some videos out of. Though this one isn't on top of my priority list, it's up there and I will get this one to tide me over until Star Ocean releases. I'll examine the trophy lists out there and prep some videos I may have to do for WKC. Flash guide perhaps? Anyways, those are the top 2 games that I'm eyeballing, with Star Ocean being my personal favorite. Other releases in February include: Bioshock 2, Dante's Inferno and the highly anticipated Heavy Rain!

February is going to end with a bang with the release of Heavy Rain, and March is looking even better.

As it turns out, Final Fantasy 13 did not come with any beta codes for Final Fantasy 14, so I skipped out on importing it. With my new PC I was able to sign myself up for the beta (hope to get in), however. Given Final Fantasy 13's popularity, it's likely I won't do any videos regarding it unless I see fit. We'll see what happens though. But FFXIII isn't the only big game for March. The month of March is spearheaded by some big games like: Resonance of Fate, Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition, God of War 3, and then games such as Front Mission Evolved, Quantum, and Crysis 2 coming off the tail end. Note: I'm using for my source of release dates, so this list is tentative.

Yes, I stay busy, but not how the image implies. I DO have to make the money to buy the games I make videos for.

So you've read this far and are probably wondering "How does he make the time to make videos?" More importantly, how do I intend to make the time to play all the aforementioned games?
It just.......happens. I'm bringing this up because I've gotten asked to play with people online, and I get messages from youtube and PSN seemingly almost everyday. So if I don't get around to answering your question or getting a chance to play with you online, I apologize. But I ask some of you to please keep in mind that I play more than Tekken 6, and I also have to work part time. Ultimately, I want to one day be able to get more free time and meet everyone's expectations, but it's impossible sometimes. That said, I hope you understand if I don't get around to answering a question or checking my PSN's message box.


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