Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tekken 6 is expected to get a much needed update for Scenario Campaign tomorrow. The update is to finally allow for 2 players via online co-op. Hopefully that isn't all however, since it'd be safe to assume that Tekken enthusiasts have probably exhausted the use of SC mode by now. No announcements regarding anything new with the update, but I'm personally hoping for something in the way of costumes. Regardless, it will be great to finally replace Alisa with a reliable human partner.

Scenario Campaign gets an update for January 18th (tomorrow).

As for my youtube channel & its videos, well I've finally ordered an HD capture card, which should arrive on the 20-21st this month. In the meantime, I'll be putting together my final Bayonetta video - no not the combo video - for the broken moon pearl locations. Also, I'll be making a tutorial video for the wavedash technique, specifically for Jin Kazama. I've recorded the necessary videos to piece together a tutorial, but I'm putting this one off until I get my HD card, so bear with me. There's still a chance I may just put it together anyway, since the 21st is a few days away.

Expect my wavedash tutorial this week.


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lol wow they still have that name for steve fox! u know that was suppose to be steve fox first name dean earwicker but namco decided to change it to steve fox.

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