Sunday, December 6, 2009

For those of you who follow my youtube channel, you may know already that I have a few more videos planned for Tekken 6. However, they will be placed on hold until I acquire an HD DVR for recording my videos in HD. There will be a sidestepping tutorial as well as a tutorial for some of the trickier and more rewarding just frame moves. Also, I plan to do some more combo videos of Ling, Yoshimitsu, but mainly my boy, Lee! It is just time to upgrade my videos to HD, as SD is looking rather choppy.

This image was saved with Tekken 6's screenshot option via PS3 XMB. (High Definition)

Other games I'm getting my hands on are Bayonetta and Final Fantasy 13. Bayonetta should arrive this week, thanks to (be sure to check them out, it's the best place to import games). Final Fantasy XIII is supposed to come with beta codes for Final Fantasy XIV, but whether they'll be usable for NA users, is unknown to me. Hopefully so, then I can provide some detailed information on the game. If you haven't already, check out my youtube channel.

I'm mainly importing this for the beta codes; I can't read Japanese.

I used to play FFXI, so I'm very eager to see how Final Fantasy XIV is turning out.

I'm ready to delve into the depths of Bayonetta. O.o That's not how it sounds.


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