Friday, December 4, 2009

What probably first comes to your mind when you hear about Bayonetta is probably Devil May Cry. Understandably so, the lead Director for Bayonetta is a name you might be familiar with: Hideki Kamiya. His most notable works include: Resident Evil 2, the original Devil May Cry, and Okami. All these games have something in common; they have all been received well by fans and the press. Bayonetta appears to be no exception here, as it is also pulling down outstanding reviews. The question several gamers are asking is "Is it deserved?". The verdict here says yes. With Sony jumping on board to help Sega clean up the PS3 version for its stateside release, expect a warm reception from western critics and gamers.

Bayonetta has beckoned many to draw comparisons to other big name action titles such as God of War and of course, Devil May Cry. That's a mistake, but also a compliment and a testament to how good Bayonetta is. Truth be told, Bayonetta has a style all her own; she has a huge assortment of moves to punish her foes and she does it all without breaking a nail. The style of this game may be akin to Devil May Cry's, but gamers need to remember the original Devil May Cry is still considered the best of that series. When the series got a new director for DMC2 and onward, it almost fell off completely until DMC3 revived the series. Devil May Cry 4 should also not be used as any sort of indication for this game's worth.

The Good. (Devil May Cry 1)

The Bad. (Not awful but not great. Devil May Cry 4)

The ugly. (Devil May Cry 2)

Enough history lessons. I encourage everyone who plays action games (hardcore or casual) to give Bayonetta a spin. What I played on the US demo was very pleasing, and fast paced action games have certainly hit a dry season. Thankfully, Bayonetta is shaping up to be a sleeper hit and will certainly get the action genre a little wet. I'm very interested to see what Bayonetta is capable of, and can't wait to explore the depths of the game. Punishing your foes with torture attacks is cool and satisfying. The demo has left me wanting more, so I have ordered myself a copy of the Japanese version to whet my appetite. Keep an eye on my youtube channel to see what interesting tricks I may uncover.

Hellsing's Alucard would be proud.

If you don't have the patience for a 1.6 GB demo to download, check out some gameplay footage here:


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