Sunday, November 29, 2009

After the first unveiling of Super Street Fighter IV's latest additions of new characters, it seems likely that the lot of rumored characters might make it into the final version. The aforementioned characters were all mentioned as rumors on various forums, so here's to hoping Makoto makes the final cut! In the coming weeks, let's hope to hear more about the other character's additions, such as new and tweaked moves.

Makoto was a personal favorite of mine. I hope she makes it into Super Street Fighter IV.

Whether she makes it or not, won't sway my decision on getting this game; I trust there is plenty of potential and depth with the new additions. Granted this is Street Fighter and the new characters should have zero trouble fitting in to SSFIV, but how these characters will be balanced remains to be seen. Still, it's very exciting to see more Street Fighter Alpha characters squeeze their way into this new Street Fighter. Needless to say, I'll be hitting up practice mode and exploring each character's combo potential with EX cancels, Ultra Combos, etc.. Expect some combo videos, technique tutorials and more from me, the moment I get my hands on this beast.

Cody is ready for Super Street Fighter IV.

Guy should be a very fun addition for Street Fighter IV's roster.

That's an interesting looking kick from Adon there.


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finally this game is in the market, at last since some years of waiting for a upgrade in his game and finally is here, and of course that I gonna use one of my favorite character, Chun Li.

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