Monday, September 19, 2011

More Tekken 6 tutorials are being worked on by me as I type this, and I'd like to know which characters people want to see most. Please comment in the full article.

While more tutorials are on the way from me, there's going to be a period where I'll be playing and making a guide for the upcoming Dark Souls game. This doesn't mean the Tekken videos will stop; they'll simply be put on hold until my Dark Souls project is completed. With that said, I'm very interested to hear what characters are the most demanded for tutorials. Once enough feedback is left, I can focus on said character(s) until Dark Souls is released. Rest assured, the Tekken 6 videos will resume immediately after my Dark Souls videos and guides are complete. So please leave a comment below so I can get to work on specific videos. The characters with the most comments will get priority.


TheOyabun said... Best Blogger Tips

Greetings Byakko..!! :D
Love the Awesome effort you're putting for the Tekken Community.. :)
I'm focussing on using Jin.. But He demands such High level of skills and Experience to play effectively.. Despite being on the scene for around six years, I havent had much experience of T6..
[Cutting the cr*p]Sorry.
Bring out some Kazama Jin's related stuffs..
Thank you.. ^_^

Byakko said... Best Blogger Tips


Hi there ^^ My Jin videos I'm working on that should be out soon are for his wall combos, parry tutorial, and his okizemes. I also plan to get into his pressure and mix up game, as well, but that may take some time to finish everything. He is my first priority right now for sure. I would just like to do a couple more wall-less juggle tutorials for other characters while I finish up the Jin videos.

Thanks for commenting, by the way^^

TheOyabun said... Best Blogger Tips


Ok.. Unless you get other requests, consider Lee[cause I suppose he's you're second main], Then Steve or Armor King.. Do it at your own pace man, Coz you do a Great job..
Thank you.. ^_^

fabiofortes said... Best Blogger Tips

Heya Byakko :D i need some help in " guides " "tekken 6 " "juggle & srat. " and choose ur character, but i cant choose kazuya or jin :( plz how can i go sir ? i love ur vids soooooo Amazing thanks to help on breaking throws XD my cousin can't beat me :D Thank you please say something

Byakko said... Best Blogger Tips

@fabiofortes Hi^^ Sorry, the reason you can't click on them is because I haven't added them yet. Sorry, I'll try to make time to update that section. For now, just look out for my videos. My wall combo tutorial for Jin should be uploaded soon. After that, the other videos that I plan to get out soon are his Okizeme game and a parry tutorial that includes some parry setups.

XxSLAPaBABYxX said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey Byakko!
Keep those Jin videos coming! ^^ Also, I was wondering if you could give me some tips on my defense. When it comes to Tekken, I have the worst reaction time ever! When ever someone uses Lili or Brian and uses the that low spinning kick to start a combo, I can never block it! That is, unless they do it like 5 times in a row xD So what do you recommend me doing?

Byakko said... Best Blogger Tips

Try defensive training in practice mode. Turn those moves on, a couple of throws, and a mid launcher from their move lists. It may be boring, but lots of repetitions can really improve your defense in that mode. Are you trying to block it online, though? If so, what's the connection usually? Defending online is really difficult and shouldn't be used to gauge a person's defensive ability. Sometimes they can just be hard to block, though. Just practice^^;

RarelessAltima said... Best Blogger Tips


I like the text format you use for your tutorials, do you use Sony Vegas?

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Byakoko thanks for the great tutorials so far, your the best. Could you make Nina and Anna tutorials.Would really appreciate it :)

pimpsnick said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey byakokoko! It'd be great if you'd post some Leo tutorials! She's really new, so her commands are limited =/. Anyway she's my main so I'd really apreciate it, love your vids btw :)

Viz said... Best Blogger Tips

Steve, Bruce and Dragunov tutorials are my personal requests.

zypher said... Best Blogger Tips

Please do Lee..

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips


Chaomix said... Best Blogger Tips

I'd like to try Lee! You make him look awesome! :)

Elperro said... Best Blogger Tips

King please

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

My choice would be Lily. She's the only reason I play Tekken 6 ^_^

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Hello Byakko I have used your Jin tutorials to the best of my abilities and it came to great results, thank you. With Tekken Tag 2 coming out soon I definitely need a tutorial or a reliable foundation for Hwoarang. Cause in Tekken 6 with his many stances and variation that can leave him open if your not using the right moves it is hard to get a good beat to use with him without getting countered, ducked , or being to slow. If you do see this I would really appreciated it, whenever your able.

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IxI eIvIaD IxI said... Best Blogger Tips


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

guys i need help i cant do the "movie" Rose Pique lili movie i need help how to do the darts? the movies is 3 darts and square and triangle

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