Saturday, September 17, 2011

This is the final stage where Tekken Tag Tournament 2's final boss fights on. Replay footage of a random fight and Tekken Tag Tournament 2's final boss videos in the full article.
Anytime I see new footage of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, it becomes harder to wait for the western release of this game. This new stage is very serene in its appearance and its music - I love it! Another version of the stage has a darker, more ominous look to it. See the videos for yourself to see what I'm talking about it. As for TTT2's final boss, take a look at the second video below to see who it is. After you see who the final boss is, let me know what you think by sounding off in the comment section.


RarelessAltima said... Best Blogger Tips

Unknown is...Jun Kazama!? 0_0

I like the music for the Fallen Stage level, so many cool things in this game. Can't wait to see it at SBO!

Byakko said... Best Blogger Tips


Haha Yeah. I was really surprised to see Jun as the final boss. Although, when I think about it, the opening trailer makes more sense now. Remember when Lili's hi-tech specs break when she starts to examine Jun?

Byakko said... Best Blogger Tips

There's something else that I noticed about Unknown in Tekken Tag Tournament 1. Jun Kazama in Tekken Tag Tournament 1 shared the same intro pose as Unknown, and their character models are identical in size. When you run into Unknown in Tekken Tag 1, she always imitates Jun Kazama first, too. Kind of a neat observation I want to throw out there ^^;

Rarelessaltima said... Best Blogger Tips


Wow good catch! It's starting to make sense. I think something happened to Jun when Ogre attacked her in Tekken 3. Maybe she gained some alien powers?

Kazama-Sensei said... Best Blogger Tips


john chris said... Best Blogger Tips

i know the final boss is the jun kazama now her name is devil jun O_O

john chris said... Best Blogger Tips

yes its true i see the video jun she is fight the ogre :D

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