Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge demo hit PSN last week. Now, go farm yourself some Karma points, purchase some skills, and a costume for Ryu, Ayane, or both because this demo will allow you to keep it all when the retail version hits store shelves on April 2nd. Gameplay videos and my impression in the full article!

So far this demo looks a lot more promising in comparison to the orignal Ninja Gaiden 3 that released last year. A lot of the technical issues present in Ninja Gaiden 3 are non-existent in this version. What's more, this version appears to be superior to the Wii U version graphically. Also, I didn't encounter any problematic framerate issues that hindered my experience as the first release of this game. Of course, this demo only allows you to play on 2 stages with either Ryu or Ayane, so it remains to be seen if the entire game will run as smoothly. After playing the demo for several hours, I believe it will be one of the better action games to come out this year - alongside MGS: Rising and God of War: Ascension.

I really like that I will be able to transfer my Karma points and skills acquired in the demo in the retail version. And while the demo only offers a couple of stages to play on, and without Kasumi or Momiji (who will be in the final game), you can unlock other game modes by completing the both character's missions. If you manage to complete them both on Normal, you will unlock the Hard difficulty and so forth for finishing the harder difficulties. You'll also be able to unlock other game modes like Chapter Challenge which allows you to play with any character on any chapter to record your highest scores. Gameplay-wise, NG: Razor's Edge is still very challenging, even more so when you unlock the higher difficulties. However, for those of you who don't have the skills, or find Ninja Gaiden's difficulty to be too unforgiving, you can choose the Hero difficulty. In this difficulty mode, your characters will autoblock and dodge when your health is low.

Check out gameplay videos of myself playing through the demo with both characters.


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