Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just shown at the Tokyo Game Show was a trailer of an early build of Dead or Alive 5. Additionally, this game is going to be released on both PS3 and Xbox 360! Gameplay trailer available in the full post.
After several years of waiting, finally a new Dead or Alive game is in development. This also marks the first time since Dead or Alive 2 that any DOA game has made an appearance on a Playstation console. Perhaps with Itagaki out of the picture, we won't see many exclusive titles for either console from Tecmo.

From the trailer, there appear to be some new features that might make it into the final game. There is a lot going on with the background as Ryu and Hayate are fighting atop some construction site. For example, you can see metal beams knocking over pillars and the floor growing seemingly unsteady. Eventually, the trailer ends with Ryu hanging by a ledge after a very cinematic-like special move from Hayate. How this might affect the final version of the game remains to be seen. The trailer is available for your viewing pleasure below. Make judgments for yourself, as I am no experienced DOA player.

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