Thursday, February 4, 2010

Well, it would have been nice to have gotten myself both Star Ocean and White Knight Chronicles, but my budget would only allow me to choose one game. That game is going to be Star Ocean The Last Hope International. Recently, I took a gander at White Knight Chronicles trophy list and was a little underwhelmed. What? Am I basing this decision on trophies? No, not entirely, but trophies do give you a hint at what kind of content you can expect out of a game. Besides, I'm not a trophy whore; I just prefer to collect platinums for my favorite games. So what else prompted me to choose Star Ocean over White Knight Chronicles?

Vibrant color palette, fluid animations and a good assortment of characters to play as.

Having seen various trailers from both games, coming to this decision was easy for me. To me, both games seem to need a little more impact or feedback during battle. For instance, striking an enemy doesn't generate the kind of graphic and sound that make you feel like you did something as epic as the screen displays - something I personally feel Star Ocean 3 for PS2 did flawlessly. That said, in comparison with what I've seen from WKC, at least the character animations are a bit more fluid, and overall appear more vivid and detailed. Speaking of characters, Star Ocean has a variety of characters that you can bring into your party.

You could really feel the impact of special attacks in Star Ocean 3.

Although I couldn't find Star Ocean 4's trophy list anywhere, I did stumble across the achievement list for the 360 version. After a quick look at it, it certainly seems daunting, which is a big reason I'm picking this game right now over WKC. Speaking of WKC, I will be picking it up eventually, and by no means am I going to claim Star Ocean better - especially since I've played neither game yet. Back on topic, Star Ocean 3 was the first game to ever introduce some type of achievement system but unlike 360 achievements, they gave the game more replay value by adding unlockable difficulties as well as costumes. I believe I was somewhere near 95% completion of Star Ocean 3's battle trophies. When this game hits my hands on Feb 9th or 10th, I'll be tackling each character's battle trophies, and I'll put up videos of how to obtain the toughest ones, among other things.


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